We dont plan any other litter with Aja. We are focusing on work and we are enjoying her talents.


PRCD-praclear (Vemodia)
CEAclear (Vemodia)
DMclear (Vemodia)
Lokus.D (Buff)clear (Vemodia)
CP1clear (UC Davis)
CLPSclear (UC Davis)
JADDclear (UC Davis)
CDDYN/N (UC Davis)
Tom + Aja: 13.5.2023 czech hunting exam

Hunting exams

Real hunt with Ája

Aja in real hunt, autumn 2022

Other exams

Tom + Ája OVVR 14.5.2017 Kařez


  • Unofficial toller show Sweden 7.8.2022: Exc.1, BOS in class for disqualification (where we registered Ája just for fun, because she has 2 front teeth knocked out, we just hearded from the judge that she should entered in classic open class)
  • Speciální výstava retrieverů v Chlumci nad Cidlinou (CZ) 26.5.2018: Exc.1 CAC, CC
  • Dvoudenní klubová výstava retrieverů Retriever club CZ 8.-9.9.2018 Brno-Žebětín: Exc.2 Res. CAC
Aja without hairs in 2018

Story of Ája

Ája (Rusty Luck) was born on 20.7.2015 to Xanta and Dag as the last of the litter. We were really lucky, because Ája was originally supposed to go to Poland to do canist therapy. Fortunately, it came off the reservation and on September 13, 2015, the most active member of the entire litter moved in with us.

It is said that Ája was the chief oppressor of the other siblings from an early age. And she grew into a beautiful alpha female who would give anything for her family. She weaned 2 litters and always nursed for a full 9 weeks. As a mother, Ája was truly fantastic. We are not planning any more litters with Ája.

Ája got her hunting talent from her father, Dag, for which we are incredibly grateful. When she saw a duck for the first time, she automatically caught it and brought it back. Ája’s weak point are her nerves, which we try to work on through training and little bit with herbs. But if we had known… and started early, it would have been much easier for us and Aja.

Fotogalery of Ája

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