News: We mated Amie with Jimmy in Holand. We are waiting for the confirmation of pregnancy. If you are interested in pupps (spring 2023), please contact her owner Gabriela Cikhartová.


PRCD-pracarrier (UC Davis)
CEAclear by parents
DMclear (UC Davis)
Lokus.D (Buff)carrier (UC Davis)
CP1clear (UC Davis)
CLPSclear (UC Davis)
JADDclear (UC Davis)
CDDYN/N (UC Davis)

Amie is very active dog with strong will to please character. She has her temperament after his mother Aja and very lovely head after grandmother Julie from the kennel Allevamento Amatoriale „Del Devon“ and breeder Alessia Ferrari. Amie is focusing at sport kynology (IPO).

Amie spring 2022


UPR 1 (International obedience exam) 23.4.2022
ZZO 1 (exam of basic control) 9.4.2022
IBGH 3 (International obedience exam) 23.10.2021
IBGH 2 (International obedience exam) 2.10.2021
IBGH 1 (International obedince exam) 24.4.2021
BH-VT (exam of accompanying dog) 5.12.2020
ZZO (Exam of basic control) 10.10.2020
OVVR (basic retriever exam) 13.9.2020: 140 points
Amie (left) in the exam OVVR 13.9.2020

Dog shows

Special retriever dog show HOPE & TREASURE RK CZ Královice, open class 10.4.2022: VG

Mrs. Ingrid Kuyken (BE), 10.4.2022: “3 years old, typical head expression, nice reach of neck and level topline, well set tail, good angulation in front and back, lacks confidence when judge, moves well, for the caracter.”

Retriever club dog show KCHLS Praha Džbán, intermediate class 4.10.2020: VG
Retriever club dog show Humpolec (KCHLS), junior class (9-18 Month) 30.8.2020: Exc4
Retriever club dog show Humpolec (KCHLS), junior class (9-18 Month) 29.8.2020: VG
Podbrdská krajská výstava psů Rokycany, junior class (9-18 Month) 8.8.2020: Exc2
Prague Expo Dog, Mezinárodní výstava psů Praha, puppy class (4-6 Month) 30.11.2019: VP2


Amie and ZZO exam 10.10.2020 2. price

Dog racing

Amie and Dog racing 5.5.2020