• C.I.E. International champion of beauty
  • Crufts 2022 Exc 3 (open class)
  • TOP show bitch 2021 of Retriever club CZ
  • TOP show bitch 2021 of KCHLS club CZ
  • Czech beauty champion
  • Czech junior beauty champion
  • Club show champion of Retriever club CZ
  • Club show champion of KCHLS club CZ


  • Tolling tests (unofficial) beginners class with dummy: 2nd and 3rd price
  • Working tests – newcommers class (E): excellent
  • Working tests (unofficial, Tollarspecialen) – open class: 2nd place
  • Master of Nosework level beginners and level 1 (SIFD)
  • Agility: A1


PRCD-praclear (UC Davis)
CEAclear by parents
DMclear (UC Davis)
Lokus.D (Buff)clear (UC Davis)
CP1clear (UC Davis)
CLPSclear (UC Davis)
JADDclear (UC Davis)
CDDYN/N (UC Davis)
CLAMclear (UC Davis)
CDMCclear (UC Davis)

Working & tolling tests

Tolling tests CZ 2021

Nosework exams

Shows 2022

Österreichischer Kynologenverband: IHA WELS 2022 – Christmas winner, CHAmPNION class 4.12.2022: Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB, BIG4

Mag. Dr. Katja Wolf (A), 4.12.2022: “3 Jahre alte exzellente Hündin, wunderschöner Kopf mit Rassetypischem Ausdruck, korrektes Pigment, Behang korrekt angesetzt und getragen, korrekte Knochenstärke, Winkelungen, Brusttiefe und Breite, exzellente Haarstruktur mit guter Farbverteilung, exzellent in der Bewegung mit viel Schub aus der Hinterhand, freundliches Wesen.”

Österreichischer Kynologenverband: IHA WELS 2022 – Winter trophy, CHAmPNION class 3.12.2022: Exc.1, CACA

Alessandro Zeppi (IT), 3.12.2022: “Feminine expression, correct eyes with correct shape, correct head proportion and profile, well developed chest, strong bones, correct feet, a bit soft in the topline, in good coat condition with correct mark colour, the body should be more compact, in movement is open in front and a bit soft in topline, correct tail.”

Österreichischer Kynologenverband: IHA WELS 2022 – sieger wels, CHAmPNION class 2.12.2022: Exc.1, CACA

Beata Petkevica (LT), 2.12.2022: “Young female, correct bite, head with clean lines and correct proportions, almond shaped eyes, correct earset, still have some time to mature, medium length neck, correct level topline, long tail, correct placement of tail when moves, excellent connection with handler, moment with medium length of stride.”

Österreichischer Kynologenverband: IHA TULLN 2022 – bundessieger, CHAmPNION class 2.10.2022: Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOS, Bundessieger

Stein Feragen (NOR), 2.10.2022: “3 y, very good type, nice head and expression, good ears, exc, neck and topline, norm. turn of stuffle, good body, good bone, moves very typ. and good, good coat, nice temperament.”

Österreichischer Kynologenverband: IHA TULLN 2022 – DANUBE WINNER, CHAmPNION class 30.9.2022: Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, DANube winner 2022

Borge Espeland (SRB), 30.9.2022: “Excellent breed type, lovely outline, presented in top coat condition, beautiul head and expression, strong neck, balanced in quarters, nice shape of ribcage, strong in loin, excellent back end, nice bone and feet, nice markings, beautiful colour,
excellent mover, presented in top condition.”

Retriever club show KCHLS Prague Džbán, Honour class 25.9.2022: Exc.1, BOB + TOP BREEDING GROUP 🙂

Mr. Liam Moran (IRL), 25.9.2022: “Very nice type, nice femine head, good expression, nice neck, good toplane, good front, nice backend, very nice outline standing, excellent mover, covers the ground in the movement.”

SRA Deutscher Retriever Club DRC – Pegnitz, Champion class 24.4.2022: Exc.1, CAC CLUB, CAC, Best CAC Female, BOS

Saskia Rathenau-Beyerman (N)

SRA Deutscher Retriever Club DRC – Pegnitz, Champion class 23.4.2022: Exc.1, CAC CLUB, CAC

Gisela Werner (GER)

CACIB MARIBOR 2022 (retriver club slovenia), Champion class 17.4.2022: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Alenka Pokorn (SLO)

CACIB MARIBOR 2022 (retriver club slovenia), Champion class 16.4.2022: Exc.2, res. CAC

Marko Ljutić (CRO)

retriever SPECIAL show hope & tresure 2022 (retriver klub), Champion class 10.4.2022: Exc.2, res. CAC

Ingrid Kuyken (BEL) – “Almost 3 years old, sweet head and expression, looks a bit short in neck due to much coat, well placed layed back shoulder, her topline could be more level, which choose in moving, tail set a bit low, very good coat condition with typical white markings, good angulation in front and back, moves fluidly and lots of drive.”

retriever club show mini hope & tresure 2022 (retriver klub), Champion class 9.4.2022: Exc.1, CC, VT, OV

Bolette Heering (DNK) – “Matured bitch, in full bloom, excellent breed type, excelent head and expression, well angulated front and rear, excelent body, excelent bones, beautifull coat and colour, moves with excelent stride and breed typical.”

TOP bitch of Retriever club for the year 2021, photo: Veronika Tvrdá
Crufts 2022, Birgminghan UK, Open class 13.3.2022: Exc. 3

Mr Mike Blay (Longbarrow) – “Good shape and size when stood, liked her head and good neck and correct shoulders, well developed rear which she used to her advantage on the move, in good coat.”

We are so proud of Rossie and sent many thanks to our father Halifaxolaf and his owners Paola & Fin, who shared theirs love to shows with us.

DUO CACIB BRNO 2022, Champion class 6.2.2022: Exc.2, res. CAC

Zdenka Jílková (CZE)

DUO CACIB BRNO 2022, Champion class 5.2.2022: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Renata Cepková (CZE)

Shows 2021

EDS 2021 FCI European Dog Show 2021, BudapeST hungary, Open class 30.12.2021: Exc.1, CAC

Rozhodčí: Sean Delmar (IRL) – bez posudku

Grand Prix Winner CACIB Show, BudapeST hungary, Open class 28.12.2021: Exc.2, res. CAC

Laurent Pichard (CH)

International dog show České Budějovice, champion class 9.10.2021: Exc.1, CAC

Grzegorz Robak (PL)

WDS 2021, World dog show Brno, OPEN CLASS 1.10.2021: Exc.2, res. CAC

Ing. František Korda

International dog show Brno Brněnka, OPEN CLASS 29.9.2021: Exc.1, CAC

Ing. Jarmila Jindřichovská

retriever club show KCHLS Prague Džbán, champion class 26.9.2021: Exc.1, CAC, Prague winner, BOB

Mr. Axel Komorowski (D), 26.9.2021: “Verbindlich aufgebaute Hündich, passende Grösse und Proportion, verzugliches Haar, typischen Hündinnen kopf, feste Front, festen Rücken, verbindlich Gewinkelt, gleichmässigen schwungvollen Bewegungsablauf, freundliches Verbalten, sehr gut Vertreterin ihrer Rasse.”

Interdog Bohemia CACIB, Open class 28.8.2021: Exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB

Josef Nosek (CZ)

DUO CACIB Brno, Open class 14.8.2021: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Crufts nominations 2022

Ing. Jozef Jursa (SK)

Rossie na DUO CACIB Brno 2021, nominovaná na Crufts 2022
Retriever club show (Retriever Club CZ) Horka na Moravě, Open class 8.8.2021: Exc.1, CAC, CC

Mr. Tomasz Slawik (PL), 8.8.2021: “2letá fena, pěkná samičí hlava, dobře nasazené uši, dobrý krk, výborná horní linie, velmi dobré zaúhlení předních a zaadních končetin, dobrá srst, vyšší nohy, výborný pohyb i temperament.”

Regional Retriever show (Retriever Club CZ) Horka na Moravě, open class 7.8.2021: Exc.1, CC, best bitch OV, winner HorkA

Mr. Matija Fičko (SLO), 7.8.2021: “2 years, very nice balance, good size, nice head, nice expression, correct front and rear angulation, good topline and underline, little close in hocks, good tailset and tail carriage, nice movement, croop little steep, good contact with handler.”

SPecial retriever club show Humpolec (KCHLS), open class 1.8.2021: Exc.1, CAC, VSV, BOS

Mr. Giuseppe Masia (IT), 1.8.2021: “2 years, correct shape, beautifull clean neck in good shoulders, perfect tail movement, correct topline + tail set, correct stifb (?) and perfect hocks, moves with sound.”

Retriever club show Humpolec (KCHLS), open class 31.7.2021: Exc.1, CAC, KV, BOS

PhDr. Radim Kašpar (CZ), 31.7.2021: “2letá fena výborného typu i rámce, dobrá substance, dobrá hlava, výborná hřbetní linie a mechanika pohybu, výborné zaúhlení obou dolních končetin, výborná prezentace.”

Retriever club show (Retriever Club CZ) Pink show Královice, open class) 6.7.2021: Exc.1, CAC, CC

Dorota Witkowská (PL) 6.7.2021: “Good size, proportion and expression, good feminine head, enough long neck, strong and straight back, good deep chest, very good movement, very good coat.”

regional Retriever club show (Retriever Club CZ) – Mini Pink show Královice, open class 5.7.2021: Exc.1, CAC, CC, regional winner

Gerda Groeneweg (NL), 5.7.2021: “Very nice breed type, lovely femine head, kind expression, well placed ears, good teeth, good neck and shoulders, level top line, well ribbed, bit long in loin, nice bones and feet, good webbing, nice ribs, moves well, well presented.”

Rossie s námi oběma na Mini Pink show v Královicích 5.7.2021 (2 roky)

Shows 2020

Retriever club show KCHLS Praha Džbán, Intermediate Class 4.10.2020: Exc.1, CAC

Miloš Kašpar, 4.10.2020: “Středně silná kostra, dobrý rámec, dostatečně prostorný pohyb.”

Speciální výstava Retriever klubu Kelč, Junior Class, 28.9.2020: Exc.2

Ing Darina Mervová, 28.9.2020: “15ti měsíční fena správného typu s pěkně tvarovanou hlavou a dostatečně dlouhým krkem, správné úhlení končetin, korektní pohyb.”

Retriever club show (Retriever club CZ) Kelč, Junior Class, 27.9.2020: Exc.1, CAJC, KVM, BOJ

PhDr. Radim Kašpar, 27.9.2020: “15ti měsíční fena velmi dobrého typu i rámce, hezká hlava, velmi dobrá hřbetní linie, výborná mechanika pohybu, hezká prezentace.”

Rossie s Tomem na Klubové výstavě RK v Kelči 27.9.2020 (15 měsíců)
Retriever club show Pink show Královice, Junior Class, 13.9.2020: Exc.1, CAJC, Pink show JW20

Plamen Cholakov (BUL) 13.9.2020: “Typical typ, nice bitch head, no correct ears, nice topline, correct tail, excellent coat, nice young bitch.”

Retriever club shoWS Humpolec (KCHLS), Junior Class, 29.-30.8.2020: 2x Exc.3

Zdenka Jílková, 30.8.2020: “14ti měsíční fenka, korektní hlava, na horní hranici, nůžkový skus, zatím slabší hrudník, jinak správná horní linie, celkově potřebuje více substance. Správná v pohybu.”

Ing. Jarmila Jindřichovská, 29.8.2020: “14ti měsíční fena s jemnější hlavou, skus nůžkový úplný, korektní hřbetní linie, pálení ještě v normě, milá povaha, správná prezentace.”

Rossie na výstavě KCHLS v Humpolci 29.8.2020 (14 měsíců)
regional dog show Rokycany, Junior Class 8.8.2020: EXC.1, CLASS WINNER

Tibor Havelka, 8.8.2020: “Kvalitní hlava, ne tak výrazný, ale dobrý front, volnější hřbet, správně zaúhlená, dobrá v pohybu.”

Rossie na 55. Podbrdské krajské výstavě psů v Rokycanech 8.8.2020 (13 měsíců)

Virtual dog show 🙂

DUO CACIB Brno, Mezinárodní výstava psů, Puppy Class 2.2.2020: VN1

Hana Ahrens, 2.2.2020: “Dobře vyvinutá fena dobrého typu, korektní hlava, fenčí výraz, hřbet ještě neupevněn, hluboký hrudník, oháňka dobře nasazena a nesena, dobrý stav srsti, korektní bílé znaky, volný pohyb.”

Rossie na DUO CACIB Brno 2.2.2020 (8 měsíců)
Prague Expo Dog, International dog show, BABY puppy class 30.11.2019: VN1